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"Jokers & Rogues"
FECD246 (January 2012)
No Hopers, Jokers & Rogues Click here to listen
No Ladders That Tall Click here to listen
Windy Harbour Click here to listen
Sail On By Click here to listen
Peggy Gordon Click here to listen
Heart Of England Click here to listen
 "This tenth recording from Bram Taylor is no doubt eagerly anticipated by his many fans.
Taylor has an uncluttered precise style of delivery.
Jokers & Rogues clearly will be a big seller at his concerts and is an entertaining collection from this much loved professional".
Pippa Noble
English Dance & Song magazine
"Song Singer"
FECD206 (2007)
Harbour Lights Click here to listen
Sing Me a Song Mr. Bloom Click here to listen
If you Can Walk......... Click here to listen
Geordie Will Dance..... Click here to listen
The Rose of Allendale Click here to listen
"A respected and popular performer, the recording and production standards are top-flight. Possibly the most polished album I have heard for a long time".
Flos Headford
Shreds & Patches magazine
"The Night is Young"
FECD183 (2004)
Bogie's Bonnie Belle Click here to listen
Song for Bowdoin Click here to listen
Struck it Right This Time Click here to listen
Wisdom Guide Me Click here to listen
Isle of Hope Click here to listen
Robin "D" Click here to listen
 "You have to give credit to asinger who can encompass a range of writing from Huw Williams to Robert Burns via Colum Sands .... all on one CD!
Bram's superb version of Ian Chesterman's 'Next Time Around' is one of the best chorus songs I've heard in a while".
Phil Thomas
Living Tradition magazine
"Fragile Peace"
Out of Stock
FECD159 (2001)

"Singing - The Bram Taylor Collection"
FECD148 (1999)

"Pick of the Grinner"
FECD120 (1997)

"Further Horizons"
FECD92 (1993)


:: Bram on CD: Click Tracks to Sample mp3 Click here to listen  ::
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:: Also on Fellside Records and featuring Bram ::
ASIN: B000024GR8
Featuring: Terry Docherty / Linda Adams / Border Country Dance Band / Greg Stephens / Roy Harris / Jez Lowe / Martyn Wyndham-Read / Peter Bellamy / Gerry Hallom / Hoghton Band / Sara Grey / Swan Arcade / Brain Peters / Bobby Eaglesham/ Jolly Jack / Anonyma/ Steve Turner / Cockersdale / Strangefolk

ASIN: B0000582SG

A celebration of 25 years of Fellside Records, one of Britain's finest folk and jazz labels. Comprising 41 wonderful tracks that span the label's history, this 2CD set is available at a single CD price. Artists featured include: Bram Taylor, Steve Turner, Jez Lowe, Martyn Wyndham-Read, Nic Jones, Martin Carthy, Sandra Kerr, Nancy Kerr, Steve Tilston, Rick Kemp, Clive Gregson, Bob Fox, John Kirkpatrick and many more.

This magnificent triple CD for the price of one featuring many of the leading performers in the folk world is released to celebrate 30 years of Fellside Recordings, one of the leading independent specialist music labels in the UK. Fellside launched the careers of songwriters Jez Lowe and, more recently, Kirsty McGee; the award winning duos Nancy Kerr & James Fagan and Spiers & Boden and a goodly collection of others.

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